Møre Silda Holo
Møre Silda Japan
Møre Silda Nordlys
Møre Silda Trout
Møre Silda Classic
Møre Silda Seatrout
Preview: Møre Silda Holo
Preview: Møre Silda Japan
Preview: Møre Silda Nordlys
Preview: Møre Silda Trout
Preview: Møre Silda Classic
Preview: Møre Silda Seatrout

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Mepps Syclops sea trout lure
Mepps Syclops sea trout lure
Excellent for the coast, but also very suitable for river fishing for salmon and sea trout. The 8-gram version has to be tested at the trout lake
from 4,95 EUR
Sea Trout Lures Surprise Bag

Sea Trout Lures Surprise Bag

In the surprise bag you will find 10 sea trout lures. The surprise bags are unsorted. Hansen Blinker, Eisele Bait, Kinetic Blinker and other various baits from other manufacturers can be found in the surprise bag.
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